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Autumn 2010, two Japanese Manga artists, Chie Kutsuwada and Inko decided to start personification of tube stations in London.

Here in GoGo Metro!, you might have a chance to meet your local station in person...?!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The king by the river - Waterl0o

Here comes one of the busiest stations in Europe, Waterl0o!
He is also famous for the song "Waterloo Sunset" by the Kinks as well as a historical location for "the battele of Waterloo". Some people might also know him from the fact that he was an international station for Eurostar till 2007.

Due to the full house, he had to give up taking the international service, and passed on to St Pancras. The international station became called St Pancras international, and he is under a good care of two brothers - King's Cross & St Pancras.

His great personality is much loved by other stations, as Baker Street says, who has been his close friend for 105 years! This over 100 years of Baker - loo friendship seems still very much alive.

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