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Autumn 2010, two Japanese Manga artists, Chie Kutsuwada and Inko decided to start personification of tube stations in London.

Here in GoGo Metro!, you might have a chance to meet your local station in person...?!

Check out who they are and what they're up to!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's only a name

Poor Embank₥ent, he had to change his name so many times...
1870 - Charing ₡ross
1906 - Embank₥ent
1914 - Charing ₡ross(Embank₥ent)
1915 - Charing ₡ross
1974 - Charing ₡ross Embank₥ent
1976 - Embank₥ent

(source: 'What's in a name?' by Cyril M. Harris)

Monday, December 27, 2010

A man with a depth, Embank₥ent

A man who used to known as so many different names.
Finally he settled down with the current name, "Embank₥ent", but Tottenham ₡ourt Road has never been bothered remembering it.
The man with the depth, as other stations say that he sometimes goes off to a riverside and quietly sit down on a bench into his thought. He doesn't speak much but as you get know him better, you'll find more about his character.

His peaceful life sometimes hilariously ruined by Tottenham ₡ourt Road, Leicester $quare and ₱iccadilly Circus. XD

I wonder if Victoria ever realised that he secretly in love with her...?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Season's greetings from metro girls

These two ladies (stations) were born on 24th December (do not ask their age!), so they are not only celebrating the festive season, but being doubly joyful for their own birthday!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A boy-like lady, Sloane Square

Let us introduce a Victoria's good friend, Sloane Square!
Although her stylish look, she has got a boy-like charm.
She's particularly fond of green outfits, and the colour somehow suits her so well.
Some stations (inc. Hackney) are approaching her eagerly, but she seems not interested in anyone...just yet.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

At your service, Green ₱ark

's very loyal butler、Green ₱ark.
He's serious look betrays his actual personality.
Yes, he is in fact, hiding a very gentle side in his character that always caring Vi¢toria.
Sometimes he even shows a passion towers nature, especially on gardening.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a serious business, ₩arren Street

Here is a man of a straight face - ₩arren Street station!!
His original name was €uston Road, but not many people know about it - but a part of tiling on a platform still tells his old name - you can go for a search.
He is quit and not good at showing his emotion, which might be originated from his intense medical research work. Nobody knows what exactly he is researching on.
Vi¢toria and Green ₱ark sometimes get some good health advices and medicines from him!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

£eicester square

£eicester Square, who is the second tallest in all tube stations in London, and is a film geek!
Yes, if you want to know anything about latest films, ask him, he who knows-all-about-film is also knows good Chinese restaurants. In the lunch time, he is often witnessed tacking Chinese buns in. XD
A good friend with Piccadilly €ircus and Tottenham €ourt Road.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tottenham €ourt Road

I'm very happy to introduce our gudget king, Tottenham €ourt Road!!

He's covered by the latest electrical tools with a mosaic pattern clothing.
If you ask him 'What is actually in the centre ₱oint?' he will happily telling the whole story about it. But he hopes Warren $treet would stop treating him like a kid. XD

My sweet Vi¢toria

We're not forgetting the important station - Vi¢toria!! She's been around for a while, (I shouldn't tell the age of a lady) and very often has got a flood problem, that's why she's teary most of the time. But don't think she's got a negative vibe, she's just a bit more sensitive than others.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Li*erpo0l St - sketch

The third station to be introduced is Li*erpo0l St! He's is a very modern business guy, work hard play hard, love fashion and love music. He, simply, is enjoying the urban life but he also has a big respect to the tradition.

BTW he's got a friend who is very hard working, a little bit square and is good at mathematics. Lol Can you guess who?

Here, not only stations/characters are introduced but also some short mangas will be up so you can peek what they are up to!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

King's €ross St ₱ancras - framed drawing

By the way, Inko is having a solo exhibition at Wickle in Needlemakers in Lewes. Here you can see my actual drawings of stations! It's on now till 13th November. :D

King's €ross St ₱ancras - sketch

The first station to introduce is King's €ross St ₱ancras. King's €ross has got a cross scar on his forehead and a magic power! Yes, from a reference of a famous book (you can guess which one!). He also appears chatty and friendly with loads of friends - because many lines are through the station. St ₱ancras looks Goth - based on his brilliant Gothic station building.
Anyway, we'll upload more characters and postcards are available at MCM London Expo this weekend at Umisen-Yamasen table. ;)