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Autumn 2010, two Japanese Manga artists, Chie Kutsuwada and Inko decided to start personification of tube stations in London.

Here in GoGo Metro!, you might have a chance to meet your local station in person...?!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Be flowerly!

Here's a new character, Kew Gardens!
She's a princess like figure with very long hair which glow from pale blond to pale green. Her voice is like a little bird tweets and somehow she's got a slight German accent.
There are always a lot of flowers on her hair. They are different for each seasons and this one you are looking at is actually Summer flowers! She loves these little Fuchsia hair ornament, which is a top fashion of the season.
Her dress, which has some Chinese influenced details, is made with lovely silk and changes its color slightly from dusk till down.
Well, generally she's a graceful and cheerful lady but in Winter time, she becomes a bit less colorful and moody than she is in Spring & Summer, obviously ;)
Many people think she doesn't like rainy day, but actually she loves it.

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